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Welcome to the Leo Mahony Bursary submission page. Applications will remain open until 21 October 22. Please complete your responses to the below questions and submit via email. You will be contacted to confirm that your submission has been received. If you need to contact us, in addition, please email admin@usiact.onmicrosoft.vom with any questions. The award recipient will be notified by the end of 2022.

​Questions to Respond To:

  1. What is your research project title?

  2. Please provide your research abstract, thesis proposal or brief word picture that summarises the content of your research project to enable to panel to understand the type of research you are conducting.[max 400 words]

  3. How does your research contribute to the body of national security or defence knowledge?[100 words]

  4. How is your research relevant to contemporary or future issues?[100 words]

  5. How is your research unique or foundational?[100 words]

  6. How will the award of this bursary assist you with your research project?[50 words]

  7. Is there any information you consider might be relevant in supporting your application?[50 words]

In your response email please include your:


Academic Institution 

Year commenced study 

Year expected to complete studies 

Study Load [Full-time/Part-time]

Leo Mahony Bursary copy: Text
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