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USI-ACT Membership

Membership aligns with the financial year


Welcome to the membership portal for the USI-ACT. Membership bestows a number of benefits including:

  • Access to events that will present some of the world’s leading thinkers and their analysis on Defence and National Security. In this time of significant geopolitical uncertainty RUSI is one of the leading organisations bringing critical analysis and deep thinking experts to the public. As an ACT member you will be able to interact with experts at the leading edge of national discussion and analysis. 

  • Light refreshments and catering provided at the Australian Defence College Officer's Mess and at Russell-based facilities at the monthly speaker events.

  • Subsidised tickets for the USI-ACT Annual Dinner and the exclusive Blamey Oration​.

  • Attendance at the USI-ACT Christmas event for members and their guests which is covered by our sponsorship.


Our membership options

  • ACT Ordinary Member

    Subscription period: 1 year
    Valid for one year
  • ACT Student Member

    For university student only T's and C's apply
    Free Plan
  • Mid-FY membership

    Half price membership for up to six months fo those who join us half way through the financial year.
    Valid for 6 months

For membership queries please contact our Secretary at:

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